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Have you ever looked up a word in a dictionary and felt like you didn’t understand it any better after the definition? Or that it left you with more questions than you started with? It happens to me a lot, so I decided to do something about it.

All the definitions I’ve written are for well known words—you might’ve even used some of these words today. Often we carry around an understanding of words that might not make it in to the “official” definitions, sometimes we can’t even explain why a word makes sense in one situation, but doesn’t seem quite right in another. I want to explore the meaning we attach to some interesting words and see if there’s a logic to how they work.

In a few of these definitions, I’ll even argue that we should use a word in a slightly different way, that there’s an internal logic to the idea that just makes sense, and once we look at it the right way, we might just agree that a new definition is a good idea.

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