Attempting to ensure your beliefs are logical consistent We want to be rational, but if we don’t have a good definition for what that means, how can we tell if we’re being rational or not? In fact being rational is so tied up with the ways human think and solve problems that being irrational essentially means that it’s impossible to make progress or win an argument. If someone tells you that...



When free people no longer have any rational fears Is utopia a worthwhile goal? You’d think it would be. Overwhelmingly in fiction, however, the idea of striving to create a utopia is often revealed to be a mistake. The outcome is almost always worse than planned, and it turns into a complete dystopia. These science-fiction stories warn us that utopias are doomed to fail. In real life, the idea...



A union where society recognizes that a partner can share or exercise some of the other’s rights in perpetuity. From 1996 to 2015, public opinion on same-sex marriage in the U.S. changed dramatically, with 27% of the population supporting it in ’96 and 60% supporting it in 20161)According to Gallop polls . That’s an amazingly quick change of opinion for a large amount of a people in a short...